Start again with our photography blog2 min read

We start our photography blog over again.

Here we are.

The beginning, the start, the blank page of a new book.

The last years, especially covid-19 where horrible.

We didn’t have had it, but for photographers it was terrible, because you couldn’t do anything or go anywhere.

But maybe you ask yourself what happend with our old blog and the old site?

It’s gone, because we changed the host (it was unnormal expensive) and now we can do much more by ourself and could lower the costs.

Starting over again with my photography blog

The thing is: First I was doing the blog on my own, but now my wife is also there, because she takes photos too. We do this together and want to give our experience over the years to you.

We are much happier with the new design and the possibilities we have now.

For the future we will show you more about our work, the projects and we give you also some tutorials, tips and tricks.

Why the tutorials? Because we really love to teach and see others with the same passion grow.

But not only the tutorials as a written form I will give you, there will also come something new at youtube, but that will be one of the last steps. First we have to rebuild this site and bring back our contend.

I hope you are excited as we are and if you want to get the latest updates and news you can subscribe to our newsletter.

For any ideas, questions or homepage issues, you can use the contact site.

The next weeks we will show you more and this site will grow fast (one of our homepage projects).

We are also more active at our social media channels again.

You will find the links down below at this site.

I hope you are excited as we are.

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