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In the past we used Instagram a lot, because it was a really good platform for photographers and creators to show their art.

We also connected with others where we have made some projects with.

But we also saw the last years, when it was going to be a part of Facebook, that a lot changed.


Use instagram less, because it`s not the same
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Instagram in the past

At the beginning with Instagram, it was a bit like Flickr, but with more connection to other people.

It felt like a community where the interchange and learning were on focus.

Our number of followers were growing and we connected to a lot of wonderful people.

Also, we have let inspire us by others, because there were so many creative creators.

It was a lot of fun there and Instagram showed you in the past a lot of things you liked or people who could interest you, because of their contend.

And it was much easier to make a blog-like thing and connect about it with people. We networked there a lot in the past, because it worked pretty well.

If you get new follower now, it’s up to 99% save that it’s a bot and they try to spam your account in your inbox.

How is now the algorithm?

When you scroll through Instagram, you see a lot of stuff. Most of it is from people you don’t follow or don’t even know.

We are seeing stuff that Instagram wants us to see or Instagram thinks we might like.

But now they changed that much, that you are see that not much creative depth of the internet.

You can doom scroll all about it and it even doesn’t get better.

One of the biggest mistakes they have made were, that the changed the algorithm and after they found out that it was not a good idea, they changed it back but in a different way and so on.

Different investors, different shareholders also have had different ideas and about this, Instagram was going to be this right now.

Not only that the people get confused about it, it’s also a problem that behind that scene, after Facebook takes the ship’s wheel.

There were investors, who wanted to see more results and more growth, more profit.

Now Facebook is pushing the Reels, that they can resist against TikTok.

Because that’s the trend: Everybody wants to be on TikTok or something TikTok like (I’m writing a book right now about some philosophical ideas and thoughts on it).

That means a lot of more content is now at Instagram, but it’s less creative.

Don’t get me wrong: There are still creative people out there, but more and more the artists and creatives are searching for different platforms, because they have enough.

They have enough from creating day after day some new, some special content, because the algorithms want them to do so.

But not only the pressure of “you must show” and “you must create” is hard for creators, also losing a lot of followers is a reason too.

If you understand how the algorithm of Instagram or Facebook works, you may understand why the audiences of creators are shrinking.

Instagram wants to hold you on their app, as long as possible, because of that they can money. They make money with your profile and make money with the ads you see.

They show you that stuff, that could fit at your profile and what holds you most of the time at their platform.

This is about emotions and often instincts.

So, you see less creative stuff, but more Reels or more of that contend you might could like. Or stuff friends of you liked and Instagram thinks “Oh, I’ll show them the same”.

What now?

That’s the question.

If you are on a platform which isn’t pushing you to be a better photographer, it’s often more time wasting and doesn’t feel good.

But you want to be better, you want to get further with the things you love.

You don’t want to get a machine, algorithm or group of people which tells you what you have to see or what you have to like.

The thing is, when you can’ even grow with your contend, because of algorithms but also doesn’t play their game of “how it works”, then Instagram is only a platform like many others.

Sure, we still post our Photos there, because it’s easy and we still get an audience who want to see our stuff.

But we will no longer focus on that platform – don’t get us wrong, we don’t hate Instagram or something like that. It’s only that we get less fun and less connection to others about it.

The main focus will be our website but maybe we will try out other social medias.

Down below you’ll see where you can connect with us.

If you have the same issues with Instagram or other social medias or maybe you disagree to our thoughts, write it down in the comments.

Because we also want to hear your experiences and ideas about it.

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