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You know that we are based in Germany, but in ways of photography it doesn’t matter where you live.

Especially not if you want to get inspired by other photographer’s or ideas others have.

In our case we can’t travel all the time all over the world, because it’s too expensive for us.

But we think we should show you what is going on at other places in the world.

Every time we find something or somebody of you will send us about awards, challenges or some prizes, because we can’t search all the time, we will post it here and also we will inform you in our newsletter.

But in this case it’s about Australia.

What will happen at the Australian Photographic Prize?

The Australian Photographic Prize (APP), planned for September 8-11 in Melbourne, Australia, guarantees grants, a item expo, live picture evaluates, talks from photography experts, and bounty of photographic fun.
Hailed as an “all-embracing national photographic grants event,” the APP offers four days of energy and will provide over $30,000 in prizes to challenge entrants.
While the conference takes put in Australia, numerous of the challenges are open to universal picture takers.
And for those looking to enter a photography competition, the Australian Photographic Prize grants are the finest of the most.

The excellent occasion is supported by a slew of best companies, counting Nikon, Epson, and EIZO, and the APP judging board highlights a bunch of skilled experts, counting Scratch Moir, Courtney Homes, and Kelly Brown.

Challenges incorporate the Epson Print Grants, which is able judge physical prints sent in by picture takers; the Nikon Advanced Grants, given to seven extraordinary beginner picture takers in six distinctive categories; the Understudy Photographic Prize, granted to essential and auxiliary school participants;
and the EIZO Photographic Craftsman Grant, outlined to highlight advanced specialists and makers.
Prizes advertised by challenge supports run from $4000 of Nikon equipment and Adobe Inventive Cloud memberships to Wacom tablets and a top-tier Epson printer.

Of course, victors will too lay claim to prestigious Australian Photographic Prize titles.
All challenges are as of now open for sections and will near on the 21st of August (in spite of the fact that prints submitted for the Epson Print Grants have until September 5th to reach).
The taken costs and eligibility to take part do shift from category to category, so make beyond any doubt you studied the fine print some time recently entering.

For those who essentially wish to appreciate a end of the week of photography instruction and enthusiasm, there are bounty of extra ways to lock in.
The APP will incorporate an “Expo Playground,” where participants will have the opportunity to test out gear and see showings.

And the APP conference brags “a star-studded conference program…[that] will convey commonsense and rousing sessions to participants over a assortment of genres.”

If you’re fascinated by entering one of the APP challenges, learn more almost the rules here.
And for those trusting to go to the conference, make beyond any doubt you get the early fowl markdown whereas it’s still available.

Are you arranging to enter the challenges or even the conference?

Let me know down below in the comments!

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